We leverage decades of digital experience to help ambitious companies grow through innovation.
Our expertise spans a vast set of sectors, industries, regions, and offerings.

Peak Industries

Retail & Consumer Products

We partner to understand your challenges in the marketplace and create scalable solutions that position you as a disruptive leader.                                                                                                                     

Life Sciences & Biotechnology

We’re trusted by ambitious biotechnology, pharmacy, and health services companies to grow their market share and deliver transformative customer experiences.       


We reshape finance services with seamless digital experiences that swiftly grow and evolve as business demands.  

Fitness & Wellness

We leverage data-driven management tools to make marketing and operations as easy as a warm-up set.                                                                                           


We create student-centered experiences and marketing tools that position you for growth.

Real Estate

We harness emerging technology to help you adapt and thrive in the new business world.

Manufacturing & Utilities

We’re powering the new industrial revolution with growth-driven digital transformation.

Restaurants & Food Service

We’re helping the restaurant industry evolve and adapt to meet diners where they’re at. 

Field Services & Mobility

We creating seamless experiences to help you meet ever-changing customer demands.

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Low Touch Commerce: How we’re adapting to change.

At PeakActivity, we’re moving quickly to help retail partners implement powerful, low-touch commerce strategies. “What we’ve uncovered, are ways to accelerate a low-touch commerce model,” explains PeakActivity founder and CEO Manish Hirapara, “that limits face-to-face contact, but still attracts and engages highly motivated consumers.”


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