tvOS Is Here. Are You Ready?

TvOApple’s tvOS SDK is here and it’s ready to change the way we experience TV. It’s a new platform that redefines not only our living rooms, but the way we interact with displays everywhere. For companies like Adaptt ( who create interactive experiences for omnichannel customers, tvOS could provide another level of experience to the end consumer. With tvOS and the new Apple TV, you’ll be able to create apps that completely immerse your customers into your product. And, because tvOS and iOS work together, your customers can download your app onto their own device, and interact in your store, giving them a complete shopping experience.

Integrated Solutions

TvOS will allow developers to create a more personal experience that connects businesses and consumers. A user can have an app installed on their iOS device, and have that app communicate directly with the tvOS app running on an interactive display running on an AppleTV. The user can view their personal shopping catalog and combine it with retailer suggestions. A user can sync a furniture collection from the store’s retail screen onto their device and bring it home. Or, create a shopping list at home and have the location of each item mapped out on the interactive in-store display.

These are just some of the possibilities that tvOS will bring. Here at PeakActivity, we are quickly diving into this new technology so we can bring all of its potential to the marketplace.

Is GoLang the next NodeJS?

Back in 2010, PeakActivity was working with a small mobile applications startup and the founder (a semi-technical fellow), kept harping on how we HAD to use node. It was going to be the next big thing and all the cool startups were using it. Turns out, he was right. Node has really come on strong because it’s simple to get started and very developer friendly.

There’s always a tendency to want to use the newest and coolest tech, so now that node has matured a bit — developers will start thinking: what’s next?

Here at Peak, we’ve been doing some kicking around of Go. What piqued our interest? We’re big fans of Parse, and when Parse wrote about their adoption of Go [], we had to check it out.

Many of the startups we advise are playing with Go as well. It is beginning to gain the gushing attention that node.js was back in 2010. Do a quick job search on “GoLang” in our neck of the woods, South Florida, and you don’t see a lot of job postings for it just yet. That doesn’t mean it’s not the next hot thing, as we all know that enterprises and jobs tend to be laggards to technology adoption.

So, is GoLang the new hot thing? Sign up for our newsletter or come back to our website, follow us on Twitter, etc, and we’ll do our best to keep you apprised of how we like it.