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This Week in eCommerce Tech - 02/03/23

Dominic Gozza

Principal Technical Architect, PeakActivity



This Week in eCommerce Tech - 02/03/23

Dominic Gozza

Principal Technical Architect, PeakActivity

Graphic image of a speech bubble with code brackets above the words "Talking Tech"
Graphic image of a speech bubble with code brackets above the words "Talking Tech"

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first installment of the eCommerce Tech Talk. I'm your host, Dominic Gozza, and I'm a Principal Technical Architect working on all areas of software engineering that impact eCommerce.

In this series, I'll be exploring the thriving ecosystem of innovative best practices for building, maintaining, and growing strong brands in the eCommerce space. From managed to unmanaged services and everything in between, there's a lot to cover.

Some of the topics you can expect to see include Headless eCommerce, Composable Commerce, and Innovative eCommerce. We'll discuss trends, solutions, implementations, and more.

So, let's get started!


🧰 Cool Tools

  • Textla — provides an easy-to-use interface built on top of Twilios APIs and manages millions of SMS sends monthly. Customers pay for the texts they send directly with Twilio and subscribe to Textla to handle the organizing, scheduling, and sending of text campaigns (Link)
  • Intercom — is a great tool for chatting with customers in real-time and you can even enable AI base communication so you don’t need a large customer support team. It gets even better they’ve just released a feature that includes the adoption of ChatGPT check it out (Link)
  • Super — Super is the easiest way to create websites from notion utilizing Next.js and Vercel (Link)
  • TailwindCSS Answer Bot — ask anything about tailwind and get a valid response (Link)


🧑‍💻 Frameworks, Languages & Open Source

  • Next.js will start to support SEO more wholeheartedly in the next 13.1.7 release
  • Handy promise-based session middleware for Next.js (Link)
  • If you use Remix you’ll like the remix-image component it’s quite fancy and helpful for resizing images and improving page load speeds (Link)
  • ECMAScript this week TC39 moved some great items into the agenda to name a few (Link)
    • Change array by copy
    • Intl.NumberFormat V3
    • Async context


🗞️ In The News

  • Netlify Acquires Gatsby, Its Struggling Jamstack Competitor (Link)
  • Microsoft just launched Team premium powered by ChatGPT at just $7/mo AI-recommended tasks, personalized meeting templates, automatic meeting notes, and more. (Link)
  • ThriveCart — This is from last week but I did want to cover this as this is yet another indicator of a thriving tech eCommerce product. (Link)
  • PeakActivity — Elevating the eCommerce playing field by partnering with Shopify. (Link)


🎙️ Events

  • Headless, a stepping stone to Omni-Channel MACH (Link)


🌍 Job Opportunities

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