How PeakActivity Got an Aftermarket Auto Parts Manufacturer Back in the D2C Race Get in touch

A year after implementing an agency redesign, our client saw a precipitous decline in site conversion revenue. PeakActivity was called in to get them back in the race.

Client: Automative Parts Manufacturer


  • Checkout
  • Services
  • Design
  • Site Speed
  • Site Analytics
  • Business Processes & Communication

To begin the Dream stage we performed a User Experience (UX) audit and an analytics audit to dive deeper into the challenges they were facing. An array of problems were uncovered, most notably the following:

  • Checkout: Issues related to checkout causing customers to abandon at higher than expected rates
  • Search: Poor guided-search implementations and confusing search results displays that negatively impacted product fundability
  • Design: Design-over-function issues created visual confusion for customers resulting in increased bounce rates
  • Site Speed: Overall site speed issues, with page load times running in excess of 6 seconds
  • Site Analytics: Gaps in data made for incomplete or problematic reporting
  • Business Processes & Communication: Multi-agency engagements across teams led to breakdowns in communications

Client: Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Services Provided:

• Technology & Engineering
• Analytics
• User Experience & Design
• Platform Integration
• Graphic Design
• Email Strategy & Implementation
• Social Media & Social Commerce

A series of Collaborative Visioning sessions yielded a Phase 1 Roadmap along with wireframes and comps to begin correcting these issues. They established the nature and cadence of the agile implementation and clearly defined expectations for the client. The sessions were also a springboard to dream beyond the immediate need, and to start to imagine the future of their online presence.

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With the Roadmap pointing the way, the PeakActivity UX team socialized clickable prototypes of key user flows to get directional feedback to help guide the technical implementation. The areas of the site addressed in Phase 1 were:

  • Checkout: Critical flaws and inconsistencies in checkout were remedied, thereby growing conversions
  • Header | Search (parts configurator) Redesign: Parts configurator was decoupled from header allowing each to function optimally
  • Category landing pages: A page structure heavy in graphics and high-level messaging was re-designed allowing customers to more quickly get to product
  • Site Speed: By optimizing files and re-designing pages, site speed was enhanced
  • Site Analytics: PeakActivity implemented A/B Testing programs, which worked to enhance customer experience and cultivate brand loyalty
  • Business Processes & Communication: PeakActivity began the process of unifying teams and processes, yielding greater efficiencies across the board
  • Search Engine Optimization: PeakActivity increased organic and paid search results by refining on-page SEO measures, creating unique landing pages, and improving search rankings.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: PeakActivity analyzed the points at which customers were abandoning carts, then optimized site paths to improve conversion rates

“I’ve found Peak Activity to be on the leading edge of web development and design, analytics and social media. They’ve done amazing work with my client – an after-market automobile parts manufacturer – on both the eCommerce digital structure and with social media. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for top-drawer results with all things digital.”

- Scott Koerner, Chief Marketing Officer at Chief Outsiders


Through this engagement, PeakActivity delivered results that drove increases across key metrics for our client in order to make them successful and achieve their professional goals.


Website traffic up


Conversion up


Revenue up


Transactions up


Sessions  attributed from email


Sessions from Social Media


After delivering positive initial results, PeakActivity has continued to keep an eye on future growth opportunities for our client’s DTC business. To that end, the following initiatives have begun.

  • Email Program: Providing strategic direction, as well as marketing and design execution 
  • Social Media Marketing: Implementing programs and strategies to leverage the Company’s dynamic brand to engage their passionate user base.
  • Migration of site from legacy system to a modern eCommerce system: Moving from a sluggish, unwieldy eCommerce platform to highly-flexible way to build, optimize, connect, and manage their content, merchandising, and commerce for now and the future
  • Ongoing Site UX Enhancements: Continue to identify and correct friction points in the customer journey
  • Testing & Continue Improvement: Continue to identify and correct friction points in the customer journey, and enhancing the site UX accordingly

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