Case Study: Retail Furniture

May 31, 2020 Samantha Long

Case Study: Retail Furniture

Elevating customer experience through emerging technology.

About our client.

Despite advances in eCommerce, most furniture sales remain decidedly old fashioned. Sofas and sectionals tend to be big investments requiring the high-touch help of a sales professional.

Our long-term partner, a South Florida retail furniture chain, turned to us to evolve this model with low-touch digital experiences that offer customers the same (or better) personalized service they know and trust in stores.

When the pandemic struck, we accelerated this initiative, harnessing emerging technology, digital, and staffing solutions to help our partner evolve quickly. The PeakActivity team exceeded expectations, increasing our partner’s online average order value by 200% in just 90 days.

Building a virtual shopping experience.

When our partnership began, Retail Furniture Chain’s goal was to boost online conversions with a free design services program. In phase one, PeakActivity launched an on-site quiz to help customers identify their style preferences, direct them to furniture they might like, and connect them to a design services pro.

Free Design Services

In phase two, new leads from the online quiz were passed on to our partner’s team of “virtual” designers.  Their design team worked with customers across channels  – email, live chat, phone, and video chat – to meet customers where they’re most comfortable.

Pivoting during COVID-19.

By the start of the pandemic, our furniture retail partner had implemented live chat, assisted digital shopping experiences, online quizzes, custom coupons, and more.

Early successes helped the program quickly expand from just one virtual designer to a team of 15-plus, operating online 24/7. It’s since become a vital revenue stream and interest in these services has only continued with the easing of restrictions. 

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