Agile Principles

innovative outcomes delivered


average years of industry experience per employee

Adapted from the Agile Manifesto
We favor individuals and conversation, not processes & tools
Demonstrable work is more important than documentation.
We enable everyone involved to regularly touch, feel and provide feedback
We collaborate and achieve results together as partners and team members.
We succeed and fail together.
Everything cannot be planned up front.
We embrace and respond quickly to change
These principles do not only work for software projects, they apply to any project or initiative
Everything is transparent and truthful; Nothing is hidden

Performance-driven Agile

Pragmatic & lean in approach, disciplined in outcome: a fundamentally more productive way to work

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  • sprint 0

    We begin by implementing an initial standards sprint. Sprint 0 focuses on design (and technology) standards. This sets the guidelines for the process and consistency across the project.
  • sprint x

    As the project develops, we respond to rapidly changing business requirements that can shift even before a project is complete. This allows us to target the deliverables required to meet a project’s goals, fine-tuning as necessary.
  • culture

    We help your team create a performance-driven culture where agile becomes a standard, not an idea.
  • automate

    To maintain consistent performance in Agile, devops must be included in any technology initiative. We move continuous integration automation to the forefront.
  • respond

    With our agile approach, response to change comes quickly and confidently. In everyday business, change is a constant. We help you adapt easily and successfully to disruptive technologies and trends.