Foundation for growth

Rapid prototyping, on-time deliverables, Agile development. Our dedicated eCommerce team can get your business on track to build a successful eCommerce solution.

Whether its growing your existing eCommerce Platform, or building from the ground up. Our eCommerce solutions can help you get the right team and the right tools to deliver results.

Areas of focus

Whether you are starting a new business or growing, PeakActivity can help from the ground up.

B2B - B2C - Marketplaces

What are the biggest problems you can solve through B2C marketplaces? How do you succeed in the B2B Marketplace? Our experience has allowed us to answer these questions for many of the top businesses in the country.

Growth recommendations

Online sales accounted for more than half of total retail sales growth in 2015, according recent data released from the U.S. Commerce Department. Much of our focus is on gathering data to support the growth in eCommerce, and we can help you implement the right strategy to help grow your eCommerce business.

Marketing mix evaluation

The right marketing mix for one company isn't the same for every company. We can help you determine the right mix for your business and your industry. eMail campaigns, rewards programs, Social Media... PeakActivity can help find the right mix for you.

Loyalty strategies

Customer retention and customer acquisition. A successful business needs to succeed in both. We know the delicate balance of achieving both, and the pitfalls of falling short on either. We can help achieve the balance you need to succeed.

Email recommendations

Micro-targeting, hyper-personalization, targeted insights, one-to-one marketing. We'll help you choose the right email campaign for your products and services.


We Blend Physical Stores with Online Retail


Omnichannel strategy


Kiosks and interactive tools


Store of the future concepts


Single view of the customer

Using apps and mobile sites to your advantage

We Help Create Customer Friendly Commerce Sites

We Help Manage and Grow Your Product Assortment

Dropship automation

Content audit and management

Supply chain evaluation

Product delivery financials